How To Empower Yourself With Style


VT Team

There’s no denying that this past election was a tumultuous one. But, instead of feeling down and out, we should use this moment to be inspired and hopeful. As luxury wardrobe stylists, we think that empowerment through personal style is one of the best ways to achieve this.

We stand by the idea that style isn’t just about the clothes—it’s about the people in them. Using style and clothing to express the most authentic superstar version of yourself will give you the confidence you need to reach for your dreams and goals.

Let’s put our best faces forward following this election and be fearless. Let’s use our personal style to give us the necessary courage to fight for what we believe in. Our team at VT is committed to not only encouraging our own clients to do this but we’re striving to do it ourselves too. See some of our favorite empowering looks below, we hope they will inspire you to use style to achieve your goals.

VT Founders Joe Lupo & Jesse Garza

Lisa Marie McComb & Jesse Garza

Jesse Garza & Lisa Marie McComb

Lisa Marie McComb