Happy Birthday to VT Lead Stylist Kellye!

VT lead stylist Kellye HentonIt’s our lead stylist Kellye’s birthday this weekend, and though she’s actually gone on a fabulous tropical getaway, we still had to find a way to celebrate her special day here in New York.

We’re so lucky to have Kellye on the Visual Therapy team, she’s not only an incredibly talented and hard working stylist but she also has the kindest, most caring soul, she’s constantly finding ways to make us laugh, and we’re always in awe of her amazing sense of style and stunning beauty.

In honor our favorite Libra baby, we compiled some of our favorite street style shots of her. Happy birthday Kellye, we love you!

nyc's top personal stylists - visual therapy team - kellye henton walking on 57th streethttp://visual-therapy.com/blog/one-birthday-at-the-vt-office-feelin-it/VT lead stylist Kellye Hentonnyc's top personal stylists - visual therapy team - lisa marie mccomb, kellye henton at paris fashion weekVT lead stylist Kellye Henton