The Great Closet Edit: Smart Wardrobe Q&A In Chicago Tribune

We spoke with Chicago Tribune‘s Jessica Moazami about getting your closet under control, style types, being a smart shopper and the most notable spring trends.  

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Q: How do you decide what to keep and what to toss?

A: You really need to zero in on your personal style before you start editing. It’s a way to determine what is appropriate and inappropriate for your personal style. Defining your style type gives you a place to begin. You can use our Style Type quiz.

We always have our clients ask these three questions to make the decision: Do I love it? Is it flattering? And is this the image that I want to portray?

If you can’t remember the last time you wore something, there’s usually a reason why. Get rid of it! Assess the wear and tear of your clothes: Keep the updated, fresh looking pieces and toss pieces that are showing their age.

You should edit out blouses and knits in unflattering non-neutral colors and any dresses that are too tight, too low or too short. With jeans, we often have too many because we have them in a size up, a size down. Review everything you have, try your pants and jeans on, and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit.

Q: How do you start a closet purge?

A: There are four basic steps. See our wardrobe edit process.

Q: What upcoming spring trends should we be adding to our wardrobe?

A: Trends come and go, but authentic style is timeless. Staying true to your style type and to things that are flattering is so much more important than being trendy. It’s about what looks good on you.

That’s not to say we’re against trends! Just make sure you have your basics first. We recommend your capsule wardrobe consist of the following: a little black dress, a perfectly tailored suit (which can be mixed and matched with other pieces), basic knits with varying necklines, a perfect white shirt, a pair of perfectly fitting dark denim jeans and white jeans, a leather or suede jacket and a great everyday bag.

The trends that we are feeling for spring are romantic silhouettes, white shirts in a nonclassic shape, bold colors such as cobalt, bright orange and icy colors such as lilac or gray.

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