Feeling it: Tap Into Your Mind, Body & Soul

Our mission at Visual Therapy is to educate, inspire, and empower people through style.

Through the years, we’ve coined a few terms that we like to use to motivate our clients (and one another!) and ‘Feeling it,’ has become one of our go-to catch phrases.

We use ‘Feeling it’ in two different ways, one is when we’re presenting to our clients and they’re loving and feeling great in the pieces we pulled. Another is when we’ve worked to achieve the ultimate balance of mind, body, and soul.

We’re big into the idea that the alignment of these three components—mind, body, and soul—makes fashion and style all that more meaningful.

We all want to come out of this pandemic feeling stronger and like the best version of ourselves. By choosing to focus on health and wellness—clean eating, exercise, mindfulness—fashion and personal style can become a beautiful way to celebrate yourself and your new post-pandemic life.

Keep reading for our stylists’ meditations on mind, body, soul, and how it all circles back to fashion and style.

Mind – VT Co-Founder Jesse Garza

I abide by the power of optimism and consistent positive affirmations. There’s nothing better than choosing to focus on gratitude each and every morning. I try to operate from a place of love and positivity and see each day as an exciting opportunity to better myself and grow in every level of my life—be it in my career and business, my health, or the way I present myself to the world.

Body – VT Lead Stylist Kellye Henton

Social Media can be toxic, so I try to compare myself to myself—not to others. The ultimate goal is to become the absolute best version of myself, and I know I can achieve this through a healthy balanced diet and a regular exercise program. I begin each day by listening to fun, uplifting music and doing some energizing stretches on the mat. When all else fails, cute workout looks are what motivate me to hit the gym on a day to day basis.

Soul – VT Lead Stylist Lisa Marie McComb

Now, more than ever we should all be focusing on love, compassion, and acceptance of ourselves and one another. Believing in a higher power allows me to feel centered, secure, and cared for. Wearing what truly reflects your most authentic style will let your confidence and inner beauty shine.