Feelin’ It: Rita Wilson On Worrying Less & Following Your Passion

Feelin' It

[quote type=”center”] Rita Wilson’s warmth, wit and style radiate on and off the big screen. -Oprah [/quote]

The other night Joe and I attended our dear friend Rita Wilson’s performance at The Carlyle, and we were blown away. Longtime fans of Rita, we were completely taken by the way she shares her incredible journey through music. Actress, creator of HuffPost50, the force behind two of the highest-grossing movies of all time—My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Mamma Mia!, style columnist for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and now a singer and composer, are all on her resume. That’s on top of being a wife to Tom Hanks (power couple alert!) and a mother. 

Let me note that Rita is 57,  and speaks about it openly. Her attitude about herself is refreshingly inspiring, especially for a Hollywood powerhouse. She shows by example that no matter what point of your life you’re in, you can still exercise your gifts and go after your passion. Glamorous yet relatable (her music touched us in a big way), she represents a woman who’s truly beautiful from the inside out.  Rita Wilson at the Carlyle [quote type=”center”]  There’s nothing better than performing live. It has as always been a childhood dream!  [/quote]

Rita performed music from her upcoming album that she wrote and co-wrote, and it was a healing, inspirational and deeply heartfelt experience. If you ever get the opportunity to see Rita Wilson live – run, don’t walk. You can still catch her performance at the Carlyle tonight and tomorrow, see more info and get your tickets on www.ritawilson.com. Go Rita!   

[quote type=”center”]  Everything I do scares the hell out of me. I’m always anxious. But as you get older, you worry less about what people think.  [/quote]

Here’s an excerpt from Tom Ford’s harpersbazaar.com interview with Tom Rita that we love (Ford a big admirer of Rita as well). 

TOM FORD: You are one of the few people in the world who seem to be, from the outside, absolutely fearless. You’ll say to me, “My goal this year is to do a Broadway show.” Or “My goal this year is to record an album.” And every single thing you have ever said to me, you have accomplished! Where do you get that confidence, strength, drive? 

RITA WILSON: Everything I do scares the hell out of me. I’m always anxious. But as you get older, you worry less about what people think. A while ago I decided that there are certain characters I’m not going to do anymore. I thought, “Oh, my God, I cannot play one more warm, nurturing, kind, understanding mother, girlfriend, daughter, wife, sister.” So I’m lucky because I get to play a really tough lawyer on The Good Wife and a narcissistic mother on Girls, and that’s really fun.

Rita Wilson Tom Ford

Rita Wilson wearing Tom Ford in Harper’s Bazaar

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