Feelin’ It: Restore and Set Intentions On This Spring Equinox

Feelin' It


[quote type=”center”] Eclipses are the most powerful transit that you can experience. The herald major beginnings and endings. Your emotions will feel strong and deep.  [/quote]

After an especially long and cold winter, Spring is officially here! Today, March 20, is the spring equinox as well as a total solar eclipse in Pisces–a lot of cosmic energy is in the air!

Eclipses tend to bring sudden changes, so make sure you welcome in the new (and the unexpected).

As astrologer and coach Kelley Rosano writes:

” As the Equinox happens. Your mood will shift rapidly… For you will be ready to launch into action.

Dream what you want to see in the world. You do not need to fix, save and rescue other people. You want to let people live their own lives. Allow others to learn from their experiences. This is the path to Self-mastery… Create the space for others to find their own answers. If you want to help other people, role model a great life. When you do what is right for you, it is right for everyone else…” 

Really pay attention to how you’re feeling this weekend and make sure you take the time for rest and self-care.

“Now is a very powerful time to release what doesn’t serve you any longer, and welcome in the new,” says Anita Goa“It’s a great time to tune in and practice trusting. Write down your intentions, goals and dreams, and very soon the moon will be in its waxing phase, meaning it’s time to build!”


Try this restorative yoga routine to wind down, reflect, recharge and be ready to kick off the new season. We’ve got a lot of exciting fashion coming up for you as our sales people from VT’s favorite stores across the US will be sharing their must-haves for Spring next week.


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