Feelin’ It: Cameron Diaz’s Guide To Becoming Yourself

Feelin' It

Cameron Diaz Bazaar

Cameron Diaz, the stunning cover star of Harper’s Bazaar August, has an important message to share with the world (as we saw it on Oprah’s segment here), and she’s written a whole book to put it out there.

[quote type=”center”]  “It is not a diet book. It is not a workout regimen. It is not a manual to becoming a different person. Here’s what it is: a guide to becoming yourself.” – Cameron Diaz [/quote]  

We love the book because Diaz keeps it real (and doesn’t reference juicing as the solution to all life’s issues), emphasizes the mind-body-soul connection, and backs it all up with science (she invited experts – doctors, nutritionists and researchers – to cover that part). Most importantly, the message of the book is to embrace yourself as you are.

Cameron Diaz Harper's Bazaar

Photo c/o Camilla Akrans for Harper’s Bazaar

“Right now, whatever shape you are in, your body is an amazing machine that does so many cool things, from using the air in our environment to keep your brain alive to turning a bowl of cereal into an explosion of energy that allows you to run down the street to catch the bus,” says Cameron in the introduction.  And throughout the book, she shares important tools and tips on how you can take care of your body in the best way possible.

[quote type=”center”]  Knowing how to take care of that body is the most important information you can ever learn. Ever. [/quote]  

Sharing her philosophy of abundance, Cameron’s Book really boils down to taking the time to give yourself more of the good stuff – whether it’s good nutrition, allowing yourself to enjoy the small things, moving your body in an enjoyable way, or simply engaging in your life now instead of looking back.

Can’t wait to see Cameron’s interview in Harper’s Bazaar next week and – shhhh! – we will be contributing our own piece to “The Body Book” website, www.ourbodybook.com. In the meantime, grab your copy of this essential book!

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