Feelin’ It: 3 Important Reminders From Awakened Feminine Founders

Feelin' It

At VT, we always talk about women of style and substance. Having a purpose and a passion, and following them, while giving back, is the most powerful thing a woman can do. In this week’s FEELIN’ IT post, our guest bloggers are Adriana Rizzolo and Taryn Longo, founders of Awakened Feminine, New York-based movement and a community of women committed to seeing and supporting each other’s full potential. 

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At Awakened Feminine, we are advocates for supporting each other as women, for seeing each other’s beauty, and for being mirrors of strength for each other. When we facilitate our meetings, we always set an intention to see each woman as if they were already living in their full power.

No matter what struggles are being spoken about, when that power is assumed, the woman can then feel it herself. We have to allow ourselves to move beyond the conventional support women are accustomed to, and get into a place that is rooted in wisdom and steeped with sincerity. It is in that way that we truly honor each other, and it is in that way that the magic happens. Here are three important reminders that we’d like to share with you today – carry them into everything you do this weekend and beyond!


Being able to be ourselves around each other, whether it’s the best version of ourselves or the tired version, or the low version, or the hyper giggly version, or the goofy and silly version, is an important part of relating to each other in this different paradigm. Whatever it is we are feeling, being able to show that in the company of our community, is priceless. If there is one most powerful thing you can do right now, it is this. 


Telling someone that you see their beauty can change their life. Said with deep sincerity and total presence, it’s a message that can penetrate someone’s soul. It penetrates, because it comes from a place of real truth and respected wisdom. It goes beyond encouragement and support. It becomes a mirror, and in some ways, it becomes a light on a sometimes cloudy path. When we live from a place of wisdom, we see from a place of wisdom, and we speak from a place of wisdom. We see beauty, and we speak beauty.


Many of us don’t realize that WE can be leaders.  Leadership consists of being self-investing while staying connected to a bigger purpose, but it can’t happen without us raising the bar, both in our inner and outer worlds. There is a longing within each of us to support each other and be loved by one another, and in many cases we strive to create harmony and to be “liked” over stepping into our power, oftentimes compromising something really meaningful for us. Women are not often taught to stand up and speak up, and when we are, many times we are not taught we can do so without being hard, or harsh, or disconnected from our hearts. We are not taught how to connect to our deep, inner voice of wisdom and to speak from that place with strength and authority. 

We are ALL leaders. We ALL have incredibly beautiful and powerful voices that are aching to be heard, heard by our world but also heard by our own self. For now, we invite you to contemplate what holds you back from being a leader of your own universe, and write it in your journal, comment on this post, reach out to us and share in some way. The act of recognizing it and sharing it is the first step in blasting forward and embodying the leader that you already are.

Adriana Rizzolo & Taryn Longo of Awakened Feminine

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