Get Inspired To Travel In Style With These Fashion Blogger Looks

In the words of French style icon Caroline de Maigret“Dress as if you’ll meet the man of your life anytime, anywhere.”

We’d also like to add—follow this style tip even if you’ve already met your man! And, do it anywhere you go, because you never know who you might bump into. The holiday season is upon us, so keep in mind: this rule also applies to your travel looks!

Take a lesson in airport style from these fashion bloggers and get inspired to upgrade your own travel style, no matter your style type!

Classic Style Type


kristina bazan travel style

Chic Style Type


Lainy Hedaya style airport look

Whimsical Style Type


chiara ferragni airport style

Bohemian Style Type


aimee song airport look

Avant-garde Style Type


aureta airport style

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