Fall Trend: OXBLOOD

Oxblood red is a huge trend this season, and we absolutely love it for fall. The great thing about oxblood red is that it looks good on most Colortypes.

We often create tonal looks for our clients. Wearing a variety of shades of the same color can actually look sophisticated and chic.  Mix, match and layer your reds, but stick with the darker tones.

Want to know an interesting fact from “Life in Color“? Red has a variety of meanings in different cultures, for example, in Greece it signifies luck. Here are some more interesting ways to interpret red around the globe.

RED & Its Meanings

  • Fertility – Africa, China, New Guinea, India
  • Protection – Ancient Rome, Gypsies, Incan Empire, Kabbalists, Scotland
  • The Hunt – Brazil, Scandinavia
  • War – Ancient Rome, Ethiopia, Maori
  • Honor – Nigeria, United States, Western Europe
  • Death – Ancient Arabia, Philippines
  • Luck – Greece
  • Brides – China