Coveted Chairs: 3 Tips to Consider When Choosing A Chair

Finding the perfect chair to complete a room (or even to design a room around, in some cases) is one of my favorite parts of an interior design project.

Should you choose something cold and modernist—purely form before function, or organic and sculptural in a warm wood—perhaps something of Scandinavian design? There are many components to consider when choosing the right chair.

1. Should it be upholstered, fully or partially wood, metal or a combination?

I always consider the other pieces in the room. For example, if you have a large cushioned fabric sofa and perhaps a pair of poofs—also completely in fabric—you will want to find a chair that is more of or at least displaying wood or metal trim.

2. What is the perspective of the chair or pair of chairs in the room?

Are you able to see all angles of it or just a straight on view? What is the best angle for the chair?  All of this will determine what to look for when choosing a chair.

3. How does the chair relate to the rest of the room?

A major aspect of my design style is that I love mixing periods and styles in my schemes. A chair is typically one of my favorite ways to express the juxtaposition element of my style as a designer. Consider how many places there are to sit in the room and if the piece is more of a sculptural element or a functional necessity.

Below are some great inspirations to get you started.

Coveted Chairs: 3 Tips to Consider in Choosing a Chair

A pair of tall and leggy Adrian Pearsall chairs are perfect in this room designed by Joe Lupo for VT Home.

A sleek and organic chair in the right shade of walnut can transcend any design period.

Coveted Chairs: 3 TIps to Consider in Choosing a Chair

A simple chaise such as this modernist piece is not only functional but its round form gives a feminine nod to an otherwise masculine era.

The star of this inspiring Damien Langlois-Meurinne show, besides the designer himself, are a pair of sculptural chairs that set the tone in this neutral blue room.

A rich jewel toned pair of mid century Italian club chairs are the perfect pop of color in this room.

Chair inspiration for a new VT home project. We are loving the form of this chair.