Central Park Conservancy 30th Luncheon

Central Park Luncheon 2012 Atmosphere

Although it was a rainy day in New York, the sight of the beautiful and colorful whimsical hats instantly put a smile on everyone’s face. The Central Park Conservancy Thirtieth Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon was like a¬†parade that made you feel like you’re walking into another time, where being a glamorous lady is a priority. On top of being fun, the event raised $3 million for the Central Park Conservancy. There’s a passion and pride that the ladies of the Women’s Committee of CPC take in what they do, and¬†without them, Central Park would be a different place… -Jesse

Jesse, Suzanne Cochran and Joe

Gorgeous Ladies of CPC

What a Chic Hat!

Amy Fine Collins - Always Divine

See more of our pictures from the event in slideshow below.