Cameron Diaz: Make The Most Out Of Last Days Of Summer

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When you’re a kid, summer was summer because we had no homework, we got to ride our bikes til dusk, go to bed well past our usual bedtime and awake to a day full of swim parties and trips to the movies and BBQs. As the summer starts rolling by us faster than ever in order to bring us to its inevitable end, as kids go back to school and those long summer days begin to recede, it’s time to ask yourself–did you make the most of this summer and all its offerings?

If the answer is “no” and you feel like you’ve run out of time may I make a suggestion. Think of one thing that you did as a kid that made summer a proper summer and go out and do it!!! Whether it’s going to the beach to endlessly chase waves and eat a corn dog, or leaving your watch at home while you go catch fireflies or count shooting stars—do something close to nothing. Besides the fact that our bodies and our minds need rest, repose and relaxation in order to reset, to let go of things, to gain perspective, all of this summer stuff is FUN.

Just try to spend one day doing nothing but revisiting a childhood summer activity. Even if it’s just sitting on your front porch or listening to an album from start to finish while eating a popsicle-go play! Invite and evoke that child who used to know what summer was for and ask it what it would like to do for its last day of summer??  Let us know what you come up with, and enjoy the fruits of your lack of labor… -Cameron Diaz

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