Brand We Love: Mackintosh

Jesse GarzaJesse in his new water-proof Mackintosh coat

We recently visited the Mackintosh boutique on Madison avenue, and we were blown away by the label’s attention to detail and luxury level quality. We learned about Mackintosh’s rich history as a brand and how it came to be in 1823 when Mr. Charles Mackintosh patented his method of rubberizing cotton to create a weather proof fabric. At the time, the only two fabric options for outerwear were restricted to wool or cotton, both of which were not water-proof! Needless to say, the U.K. based brand became a great success and continues to make beautiful, functional outerwear that is both timeless and modern.

Jesse was incredibly impressed by the brand and decided he had to have the navy storm system wool puffer for this year’s winter. Made from luxurious Loro Piana fabric, the down puffer coat offers rain and wind protection, while still looking classic and polished. Luckily for our clients, they also make women’s outerwear! Check out some of our favorite pieces from their current collection below, we’ll definitely be stopping by again soon.

Mackintosh Black Bonded Wool Trench Coat

Mackintosh trench coat

Mackintosh Beige Poodle Tweed Coat

Mackintosh Teddy Bear Coat

Mackintosh Black Leather Rider Jacket

Mackintosh biker jacket