Wellness: The Upside’s Be You Campaign

The Upside - Be YOU

“Find what makes you happy and what you love about yourself and bring that out. No woman is going to be exactly the same.”

-Courtney Hancock

Working out, eating healthy, getting good sleep–we all know it’s important for your overall wellness. But how many of us include self-love in our daily routine?

Aussie activewear label the Upside decided to take things in their hands with “Be You” initiative, designed to give women confidence and help them “be at home in their own skin”.

The campaign embraces different types of women and features Ironwoman Courtney Hancock, ballet dancer Vivienne Wong, stylist Pip Edwards, ‘plus-size’ model Laura Wells and David Jones ambassador Jessica Gomes.

”These women have a story (maybe a lot like your own) and we want to share their experience of self-acceptance, in the hope that it may give you the confidence you need to look at yourself in a new light,” The Upside says.

“Showing people different ideals and different versions of beauty is going to help them accept themselves.”

-Laura Wells

The Upside Be YOU campaign

The Upside Be YOU campaign