Wellness: 4 Keys To Remain Healthy & Confident Across All 4 Seasons

Wellness Wednesday

Bianca Cheah fo of sporteluxe.com working out in style

Bianca Cheah of sporteluxe.com working out in style

At Visual Therapy, we’re all about Mind, Body, and Soul. As we work with clients to line up their optimal wardrobes and help them to be the best version of themselves, we’re huge believers that it’s not the dress, but what’s in the dress that matters. And even though clothes can help you feel like a movie star, there’s something that needs to be taken care of first on a deeper level. Welcome to “Wellness Wednesdays”: our weekly feature to bring you tips for a healthy, whole and fulfilled life

Guest post by Personal Nutritional & Fitness Consultant Nicholas Hojsack.

We might not want to admit it, but autumn is right around the corner.  The change of the season brings brisk air, colorful leaves, and (of course) Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  The beach season soon becomes an afterthought, which means our diet and fitness discipline also begin to lag behind.

But remember: staying fit is A LOT easier than getting fit.  As you bring out those stylish jackets and sweaters, it can justify skipping the gym or eating extra treats. This yearly yo-yo dieting/lifestyle makes it very difficult to get back into shape, once you want to.

Your outer appearance lets the world know who you are, but if you don’t feel good underneath, none of that matters much.  Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle leads to an increase in cognitive abilities, energy levels and confidence.  That allows you to radiate positive energy through your garb.  The key to success is keeping in check these aspects of your life : Fitness, Nutrition, Hydration and Mindset.

1. FITNESS: HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

The more fit you are, the more calories you expend at rest, which means you can eat that dessert guilt-free. HIIT looks to maximize your oxygen consumption, metabolic rate and fitness levels.

But the HIIT protocol has one ace up its sleeve, and that is Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).  What does this mean?  It means that you will end up burning more calories AFTER your workout, putting your body into fat-burning mode all day.  Did I mention that it also takes just 12 minutes of your time?

You can employ this workout almost anywhere.  Try it on your favorite cardio machine and let me know how amazing you feel after.

  1. 5 minutes of light stretching and gentle warm ups
  2. Sprint/Push for 20 seconds
  3. Rest for 60 seconds

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have reached the 12 minute mark.

Equipment options: Watt/Spin bike, Cross Trainer (Elliptical), treadmill*, rower, free weights, or some body-weight lunges or air squats. You can also try this: stand on the treadmill, don’t turn it on, grab the handles and try to sprint.  It’s also a fantastic glute workout, ladies.

If you prefer to do a guided workout,  look for Tabata HIIT classes at your local gym, or do it at home with this video.

Tabata Workout

2. NUTRITION: Go-To Meals

Most of us don’t have the luxury of time, which means prepping all of our meals for the week is not realistic.  However, having some ‘go-to’ healthy snacks can make getting important nutrients easy and effective.  Try these quick high-energy snacks when you’re in between meetings:

1) Tuna.  Try added spicy mustard, salt and pepper to mix it up.  Oil and vinegar is another good option to make it more interesting.

2) Plain Greek yogurt.  Try adding in a scoop of whey protein powder, cinnamon and granola for a delicious and flavorful pudding.  Make sure you stay away from the flavored options.  These contain an excessive amount of sugar and chemical additives.

3) All natural peanut butter / almond butter.  Just one or two tablespoons of nut butter will keep you satiated for quite some time, providing healthy fats and protein.

4) Quest bars.  These little treats pack a punch.  They taste great and are loaded with protein and fiber, which means this snack will keep you full longer. Quest bars are gluten free and don’t have excessive amounts of ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  They are one of the cleanest health bars on the market.

3. HYDRATION: Water Intake Is Key

As the weather gets chillier, coffee and tea look more and more appealing.  Not only to keep you going, but also to keep you warm!  Make sure to balance out any caffeine intake with plenty of water.  This will help nourish your cells, allowing for enhanced mental and physical performance and alertness.

Water can balance your caffeine intake; and working-out can balance your busy life style (see “Fitness” section).  Exercising a few times per week has been known to reduce stress and increase endorphin (feel good hormones) levels.  Stress can lead to unwanted and serious health conditions, which include retaining fat!

Charlize Theron Vogue

4. MINDSET: “As the Sun rises…”

It’s harder than you think to keep consistent. Extremely hard, in fact. Conquering this discipline will allow you to effortlessly live a healthy lifestyle.  Take the phrase, “As the Sun rises…”, and YOU fill in the gap. For example, as my dear friend Oscar Simon once told me, “As the sun rises, I feed my body with vitamins and nutrients, I work out, I meditate…” and so on. Having this type of mindset lets you release any doubt about attacking a task. There’s no questioning, just like you never question whether or not the sun will rise today. It will.

Nicholas Hojsack

Nicholas Hojsack

Nick Hojsack provides personalized meal and fitness plans created just for you – contact him for more information at nicholashojsack@gmail.com.