Snow and Cold ‘to boot’

It’s official, December and January are breaking records with snow and cold. How does one stay warm, go to dinner or just be out and about and still manage to look and ‘feel’ sexy?

Yesterday, I was at Sally Hershberger downtown getting a Tim Rogers haircut when I started to chat with a hilarious, stylish and sexy young woman.  She explained that she was getting ready for a dinner date with a new and exciting gentleman.  I had to ask what she was wearing – on her feet (an occupational hazard for me).  She was stumped with how she was going to manage to scale the 3-foot snow bank lounging its brown mass on every curb in NYC in a pair of stilettos.  My reply, was to have her ‘chevalier de la nuit’ (Knight of the night) carry her across – sadly, this wasn’t an option. Not interested in a shoe change at the destination, my advice was to wear her black Alaia dress with tights with her Lanvin patent wedge boots and to tread lightly – on all fronts…  …Joe

Lanvin Wedge Boot

Here are some other boots that won’t leave you feeling anything less than cute in these winter months….

Robert Clergerie Platform Quilted Knee High Boots

Burberry Shearling Lined Boot

YSL Brown Leather ‘Aspen 85’ Boot