Pay It Forward

Life is all about giving back, and one of our favorite charities is The Patrick Chege Orphanage started by a former model Siamanda Chege, who is a perfect example of someone who is beautiful inside out. One of nine children of a Kenyan missionary, Siamanda has seen both the glamorous fashion world of New York and Paris and life in Kenya, where people are devastated by HIV/AIDS, poverty and unemployment.

The kids of the Patrick Chege Orphanage

Siamanda, who is also a mother of two girls, has brought together her fashion expertise and a mission to support the Kenyan community by setting up a life circle that helps sustain the village of Nakuru, Kenya. Here’s how it works:

1. Empowerment through employment: The women of Nakuru are trained to knit high quality children’s clothes.
2. Good karma shopping: The garments are sold in USA, Canada, Japan and Australia under the Bébé Ravi label (see the list of stores here).
3. Giving children a future: Proceeds go to the Patrick Chege Orphanage, which gives home, food, clothes and education to 30 children, 1 to 17 years old.

Adorable Bébé Ravi designs

Hopefully you feel inspired to support this amazing cause – donations can be made on the Chege Orphanage website, and even the smallest amount makes the biggest difference. You can also help by buying Bébé Ravi. All big things start small, so even every “Like” is appreciated – simply go to Bébé Ravi and Chege Orphanage’s Facebook pages and click “Like”.

Siamanda and the kids. Photo courtesy of Lisa Rosen.