Meeting Carolina Herrera at Her NYC Atelier

carolina herreraCarolina Herrera by Robert Mapplethorpe

Carolina Herrera by Robert Mapplethorpe

There are very few chances in a lifetime to meet a living fashion legend.

There are even fewer chances to meet a fashion icon who blows you away with her personable warmth and kindness.

As we walked into Carolina Herrera’s New York atelier, all we could see was chic perfection. Everything from the bright space, to the models strolling around in modernist ladylike pieces from pre-fall 2016, to of course, the lovely Ms. Herrera herself.

Joe Lupo and Jesse Garza with Carolina Herrera

Overlooking a rocky garden, the Atelier is filled with light, but it was another kind of light that drew us in—the one that emanates from Ms. Herrera herself.

Everything about her—from her head-to-toe charcoal grey look and matching flannel Manolos, to the way she speaks about her office space, pointing out that “the energy of a place is important”—is effortless and magnetic.

As we shook hands with the legend—feeling completely starstruck—we sat down to preview the collection. It’s one thing to see a few pieces in a store, but it’s a completely different experience to see the full story surrounded by the perfect aesthetic.

Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2016 Red Mini Dress

Then, Carolina Herrera welcomed us into her inner sanctum—her private office space next to the design studio.

The peculiar and very special thing about the atelier is that everything—the business side and the construction of the clothing—is all done under one roof, which creates a very unique atmosphere. Every detail for every garment is done in-house. Truly an all-encompassing fashion nirvana!

Later, a gentleman in a white doctor-like robe entered the picture. His name is Miro and he’s responsible for the patterns for all of Ms. Hererra’s elite clients. He gave us a humble smile as we peeked into his process. The result of his work seen in the images below, will be a stunning gown that will be featured in an upcoming campaign.

Carolina Herrera herself is involved with every part of the brand along with her daughter, Patricia Herrera.

Carolina and Patricia Herrera

Someone who’s comfortable in their own skin and living their life with such passion, purpose, and a full heart usually has the power to make others around them feel at ease, and like they are truly being seen.

With the Herreras, it’s just who they are.

Carolina Herrera with daughters

We’re looking forward to returning to the atelier and the boutique to pull more looks for our clients.

Here are our picks from the Carolina Herrera SS 2016 collection—they feel fresh, modern, tastefully sexy, and of course, very CHIC!