Joe and Jesse on BlogHer

We’ve worked with BlogHer before, and it’s always a pleasure to share our thoughts on style, shopping and feeling good! Learn which trends to go for this season (and not overspend) in this BlogHer post by Alex Asher Sears.

As Bonnie Cashin famously said, “Chic is where you find it.” From window displays to catalogs, Polyvore to Pinterest, there are lots of ways to find it these days. And that’s the genius behind Visual Therapy. Unlike Oprah, we may not be able to personally call on the VT stylist duo, Joe Lupo and Jesse Garza, but between their books, site, blog and their QVC line, they’re making inspiration accessible to all. I had the chance to ask Joe and Jesse a few questions about Visual Therapy, and they generously shared some tips and tricks from their styling bag with BlogHer readers. Thanks, guys! – Alex

I think that many women confuse fashion and style. How do you define the difference between the two?

You are absolutely right! Think of style as something that is inherent, individual and unique, your own. Think of fashion as your toolbox or vehicle used to express your style. Do not be intimidated by fashion, because it has many faces, but always try your best to create, understand and define your own style. It is up to you to get inspired by looking at fashion to see what speaks to you. Defining your style is the first step – and the most important one – of the Visual Therapy process outlined in our book, Nothing to Wear. Once you can define your style, you have the focus and direction that will take you to the next level.

Although budgets vary from shopper to shopper, where do you recommend women make key investments in their wardrobe?

You should invest in pieces that will give you the most mileage. For example, you can carry the right bag everywhere for several years. Shoes and boots that you can dress up or down are great investments. A great watch and key pieces of jewelry can be worn with t-shirt and jeans or in the boardroom.

Where do you think women overspend?

Don’t spend too much on trends that are so hot, they are almost over before they begin. Avoid splurging on pieces that you can only wear a few times before you get tired of them. If you love it, but can live without it, wait for it to go on sale. Think value equation and cost per wear. If it’s expensive and you wear it 100 times, it will be worth the splurge. If you will only wear it 5 times, rethink it. In this economy it’s really important to take an inventory of your wardrobe in order to avoid overspending on things you may not need. Have a clear shopping list of what is missing from your wardrobe so you can stay true to your mission.

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