Insider Access: Dior Pre-Fall ’17

Three mannequins in the dior store wearing a leopard jacket, tulle embroidered skirt, suede jacket and shorts and a black dress with a dior purse

As most of us know, the Dior fashion house has been in transition for the past year as they welcomed their first ever female creative director—Maria Grazia, formerly of Valentino. Here at Visual Therapy, we’re very excited about Grazia taking over, since she has the same mindset about style as we do. In a recent interview with Vogue she said,

“When you are a woman making clothes for women, then fashion is not just about how you look. It is about how you feel and how you think.”

Needless to say, Grazia absolutely nailed Dior’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection. Her young aesthetic infuses a modern edginess into the classic, feminine feeling Dior is known for. As soon as we walked into the 57th street flagship, we were intrigued by the playful zodiac motifs and embroidery on the beautifully tailored silhouettes. Below are some of our favorite moments.

Dior pre fall collection 2017 zodiak clutchDior logo bag and zodiak dress on mannequins in Dior flagship nyc storePalm reading earrings and dior fall 2017 jewelryLeopard jacket and zodiak dress on mannequins in Dior flagship nyc store2 Dior tarot card clutchesQuilted dior purse on a mannequin with dressDior pre fall collection 2017 tarot card clutchDior fall 2017 collection previewDior fall 2017 collection previewKellye Henton

Dior sling back heels fall 2017

Jesse garza and a dior modelDior fall 2017 collection purses