Feelin’ It: The Power Of Your Words

Feelin' It

Nicole Kidman Silence VogueNicole Kidman Silence Vogue

The words we say out loud carry energy — not just for other people, but for ourselves, too. Words have power and we alone are responsible for what comes out of our mouths. The incredible poet Maya Angelou said “words are things, and a negative statement is poison”, and went on to discuss the great power of words on Oprah’s Master Class.

Could you go a week, a month, a year without gossiping – without saying one negative or hurtful thing about someone else?” asks Oprah. “That’s kindness.” 

Here’s a little reminder from Gabrielle Bernstein on how to change your experience by changing your lexicon. This weekend, we invite you to just give it a try. Be a master of your words. Really tune into how you use them. You’ll be surprised at the impact this one small practice will have on all areas of your life.