Feelin’ It: Peter Lindberg and His Women

Feelin' It

In 1997, the iconic photographer Peter Lindbergh published Images of Women, a tome filled with black-and-white portraits of some of the most beautiful women, from Verushka to Kate Moss. It’s about time for a sequel, and we couldn’t be more excited about Images of Women II: 2005-2014.

The beauty through the lens of Peter Lindbergh is intense, emotional and profound, with no glossy flair. At the same time, he is considered to be the man responsible for “the supermodel.” After all, it was his 1988 series of a small clutch of very hip but then not very well-known models, including Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Tatjana Patitz that lit the spark of this new movement.

Peter Lindbergh Supermodels

The feeling that Lindbergh’s work creates is unmistakable. His trademark monochrome photography captures emotion in a very raw way, focusing on the eyes and penetrating the soul of his subjects (particularly, famous women like Kate Moss, Uma Thurman and Diane von Furstenberg).

Natalia Vodianova Peter Lindbergh

We love what the photographer has to say about his work:

“You look for honesty, and it strikes you, and then you start to have feelings about that person that you photograph, and that might sound strange, but then that feeling about that person leads them to feel that you understand her; she gives you a bit more than she might give other people. I like that honesty, that moment, the way that you look at me and the way I look at you, and that then there’s something kooky in between these two people.

That feeling, that giving and taking, that is what you photograph. It’s not one person documenting another person, it’s a photograph of that relationship you have in that moment. You become another person, a little bit; you become that person that you feel that you are at that moment, and it makes you beautiful, or different, and that’s what’s on the film. And tomorrow you’ll be a totally different person, because tomorrow is another moment. It took 40 years before I understood that.”

Peter Lindbergh Uma Thurman

Images of Women II is available on amazon.com.