FEELIN’ IT: Be “A Woman Of Substance”

At VT, we always talk about women of style and substance. Having a purpose and a passion, and following them, while giving back, is the most powerful thing a woman can do. Clothes come after that, because in the end, it’s not the dress, but what’s in the dress, that matters. What does it actually mean to be a woman of substance? Our guest author Lauren Kearney explores. 

A Woman Of Substance

Embrace Your Individuality and Be Happy The Way You Are

The pressure put on women in today’s society is immense, and I admire any female out there who doesn’t let high demands and expectations get them down. In my experience, I have learned that we, as women, should not let the likes of “perfected” images or “criticism” affect us, and it has come as such a relief to me to realize that being different and imperfect is far more interesting than being a “perfect” person. I believe that being yourself and feeling happy as yourself- just the way you are – signifies the word “beauty.”

Use Your Voice

We were all blessed with voices to use – so use them! I’m a relatively quiet person, a woman of not many words who, next to never, will indulge in small talk chit chat. It’s just who I am. However, on the other hand, when it comes to standing up for what I believe in or voicing my opinions on things, I never fail to make use of my voice. And neither should you! Make use of what god has given you and say what you think, say what you believe in, and argue against what you don’t.

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Find Your Dream In Life and Pursue It

Follow your heart…never give up…and you can do anything. We all have the ability to do whatever it is we want to do and fulfill any dream we want to fulfill; we just have to go and do it. When you find your passion in life, it creates meaning in your life and gives you a purpose in the world: it generates happiness.

Live Up To Your Morals and Values – Always Remain Aware of Them

Living by your morals and values in life inspires you, motivates you and energizes you for doing something significant in the world. As children, we were always being told to be a person of moral and were educated to understand what our values are. I think, when we grow older, we seem to loose or forget about those crucial qualities and in order for us to be decent human beings, we should consider re-educating ourselves on morals and values.