Feelin’ It: 4 Ways To Trust Your Inner Compass By Deanne Ziadie

Feelin' It

Deanne Ziadie The Divine Friend Life Coaching

Deanne Ziadie | Photo By Daniela Guerrero

Have you ever said to yourself, “I just don’t know what to do?”

Whenever making life decisions, from mundane “What should I wear?” (although fashion experts would argue that getting dressed is mundane) to more major questions, human beings have always turned to their inner compass for guidance. When used properly, it is the most powerful tool any human being has in their arsenal.

But what if your compass is of sync and needs some maintenance? Then, looking for answers to big life questions like; “Who am I?”, and “What’s my life’s calling/purpose?”, can make you feel like you’re wandering through a big blur.

Turning to a friend for advice can provide support, but if the root of the problem is within (in most cases, it is) so is the solution.

Yoga, mediation, energy healing modalities, or going on a shopping spree may help. Yet, if after several days, weeks, months, or even years of the same routine you are still asking life pressing questions with no sure answers, it’s time to step outside your shoes and get a fresh perspective.

After working with many one-on-one clients to help them fine tune their inner compass to reveal their life purpose, I’ve found that there are a few simple tools you can turn to daily to stop looking for answers outside and trust your inner compass more.

So before you hire a life coach or see your shrink, consider this:

[quote type=”center”] What if the answer to what you want is in your state “be”-ing? [/quote]

Follow along…

Deanne Ziadie The Divine Friend Life Coaching


a.k.a. Inner Compass Maintenance Tools

Practice this whenever you’re feeling doubtful and want answers that keep you feeling true to YOUrself.

1. WAY to BE Present

Ask yourself, “Am I present?”

Here’s how to get really present. Straighten your spine. Take a deep breath into your nose, and exhale. You can try consciously counting in your mind, while inhaling count 1,2,3,4 ~ then exhale and count slowly 4, 3, 2, 1. Repeat for this sequence for 3 complete full deep breaths, then observe how you feel. Increasing oxygen levels in your body creates a natural euphoric feeling which will help you soothe right into BEing.

2. WAY to BE Calm

Get really still and quiet, and give yourself permission to engage with the present moment. You may be surrounded by noise and other distractions, and that’s ok.  Allow your own stillness to penetrate the environment around you. If you get distracted, notice what is around you.  If you are alone look at your hands, your feet, your facial expressions, bring your hand to your heart, feel it beating for you.  You can repeat Way to Be Present and go from step 2 to step 1 as many times as you need.

3. WAY to BE Gentle

Ask yourself, “How have I been kind and gentle to myself today?”  If no answers come, take action.  Start with where you are, right now. Ask, “What can I do right now to be more kind to myself?”.  Maybe give yourself a gentle hand massage or caress your hair, or stretch your body in gentle directions that feels good to you.

Practice Ways to Be 1-3 till you feel secure in your being.  Once you’ve achieved this, NOW ask yourself the questions you’d like answered.

You will be granted an answer almost immediately.  If nothing still comes, then sit back into the final state of “be”-ing.

4. WAY TO BE Patient

Patience is a gift you receive once you you follow through with being Present, Calm, and Gentle. It’s a sense of quiet confidence and deep trust. This trust will transcend into your actions, and by being patient, you may ultimately lean to trust a higher source of knowing within you.

Try these states of “be”-ing anytime of the day. And if you enjoy it and it works for you, share it with your friends.

The next time you catch yourself thinking, “I don’t know what to do” , practice these four simple ways you can BE.

Deanne Ziadie The Divine Friend Life CoachingDeanne Ziadie (pronounced: Dee-Ann SADIE) is a Yoga Lifestyle Guide and Creator of The Divine Friend, a Yoga Lifestyle business inspiring entrepreneurs, educators, and passion seekers to live the life of their dreams, through strategic self-enhancement practices, music and stories. Deanne enjoys singing, writing, and collaborating with fashion and healthy food blogs. She lives in Miami Beach, FL. You can find her and schedule your free consultation (mention Visual Therapy blog for this offer) on www.thedivinefriend.com