Best Mother’s Day Gifts Based On Style Type

caroline and daughter street style

Flowers for mothers day – typical! Why not step it up a notch this year? With so many great flower prints in stores right now, a floral inspired item is a sure way to surprise and impress your mom (or wife!) Save the flowers for another occasion and splurge on a gift she will treasure for years. We made it easy for you by gathering our favorite floral accessories for each style type below.

Classic style type

For the classic style type mom, think clean, simple and timeless. A floral Hermes scarf is the perfect addition to a classic mom’s capsule wardrobe.

hermes floral scarf on model

Chic Style Type

Chanel Gardenia fragrance is the perfect accessory for a chic mom who exudes power and has an innate sense of fashion. She has minimalistic tendencies, which is why she will love the simple perfume imbued with dewy greens and lush gardenia petals.

chanel gardenia perfume


Whimsical Style Type

A whimsical style type mom adores color and has a natural ability to mix and match colors, patterns, and textures. The Valentino tropical print neck scarf is a perfect finishing touch to her fun and colorful outfits. Extra points if your mom is going on vacation this summer!

Valentino tropical print scarf on model

Bohemian Style Type 

The boho style type mom sticks to classic floral prints and likes to keep a carefree image. This earthy floral Gucci case is a great understated accessory.

Floral gucci phone case


Avant-garde style type

The avant-garde mom is adventurous and innovative when it comes to fashion. This bold floral textured leather pouch by Balenciaga is the perfect accessory for her playful outfits.

Balenciaga orange floral pouch