Beauty Spotlight: Echo Vie


Echo Vie

Echo Vie Body Oil & Lip Balm

VT’s latest beauty obsession is Echo vie, an organic handmade beauty line by our friend Susie Lee. Not only do the lip balm and the body oil feel heavenly – they’re also all natural, with no parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetic coloring!

As a makeup artist, Susie Lee has been traveling and working on photo shoots with models and celebrities for over 10 years, and created Echo Vie with the goal to satisfy our skin’s basic need to be nourished. She started by making her products for herself, testing them with models on photo shoots, and giving as gifts to friends. The products became an instant hit, and now Susie’s products are available to the public.

Susie and I first met about 7-8 years ago and quickly discovered we had a lot of mutual friends. Our friendship has grown from our mutual passion for beauty and music… see our adventures in the Coachella post! Besides being my friend, Susie has inspired me in so many ways through her battles with cancer (she is a three time cancer survivor) and in being an awesome, cool mom. A true and passionate friend who now has one of my favorite beauty products! I love Eco Vie and Susie – check out my interview with her. -X LM  

Susie Lee

Susie Lee

What is your Gift, Message, Cause? I am a social creature and love communicating and connecting with people, places and things. The product line is an extension of me, and it reflects my belief in being natural and authentic. Because of my own history, I want to give back specifically for breast and ovarian cancer.

What made you start your own beauty line? I have always had ideas brewing in my head about creating a product line. I thought I wanted a cosmetic line, but generally, as a makeup artist, I cannot think of a cosmetic line in which I like every single product. I wanted a small lifestyle beauty line, in which I could create clean, natural, easy to use items that I love. The goal was also to offer chameleon products that could be used on photo shoots, or for a general lifestyle, or even on a child.

Being organic… Does it have a shelf life? Everything has a shelf life… maybe not a Twinkie. The shelf life is shorter than if it contained chemicals and other preservatives, but it still lasts longer than you would think. Approximately a year for the Body Oil, but I hope it’s so yummy that it only lasts you a month!

Is the Body Oil something you can use everyday?  Absolutely! I use it everyday after my shower. My skin drinks it up, and it feels amazing. And it works for every skin type!

What’s next? Any new products soon?  Too early to say, but I have some ideas that I’m toying with. Get it? Toying, as in, it may be a baby product!

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