Are You Stuck in a Time Warp?

Our new articles for Huff/Post50 are up! Read on if you want to know how not to let your look get stuck in a time warp.

How do you make sure that your style doesn't stuck in a time warp? We've got the answer!

Women’s Style by Jesse: We often remember a time in our lives when we felt our most desirable, and that’s usually where our style clock stops. Are these boots still made for walking ala Nancy Sinatra or do we still have long feathered hair like Farah Fawcett? Just because you are post-50 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reinvent your style. Continue reading on Huff/Post50.

Men’s Style by Joe: The old adage, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” doesn’t always ring true, particularly when it comes to the way you dress. For nearly two decades now I’ve seen the patterns and learned to identify the glue that causes us to get stuck. Here are my red flags and tips for looking current and age-appropriate, learned through working with post50 men from all paths of life. Continue reading on Huff/Post50.

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