A Mother Daughter Closet Edit with Catherine Détraves

Catherine Detraves

Catherine with her twins when they were babies.

In celebration of Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite mothers—Catherine Détraves and her beautiful twin daughters. We interviewed the stylish artist this past summer, and she invited us back in (pre-quarantine) to help her do a wardrobe edit.

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If you read her first spotlight, you probably noticed that Catherine’s closet is filled with incredible designer, vintage, and high-street pieces. But, even a well-curated wardrobe needs a little editing every so often.

The edit itself was a cleansing and stress-relieving process while also providing the three women the opportunity to bond over fashion, as they reminisced and discussed the ways they could repurpose pieces in Catherine’s collection. Luckily for her daughters Daisy and Cami, they all share the same size! Each daughter left with a generous pile of hand-me-downs, enabling them to continue the circle of fashion. Daisy shared her thoughts on sustainable style and shopping her mom’s closet:

“Unless the item is second-hand, I don’t buy anything that isn’t ethically made or sustainable. Seeing my closet full of pieces that tell a story is meaningful to me. I love that I now wear the jean jacket I remember my mom wearing when she’d pick us up from elementary school, or the dress she wore poolside for many summers in a row.”

– Daisy Jacobson

If you’re lucky enough to spend this Mother’s Day with your mom, consider this unconventional activity. A closet edit can actually be a great way to connect with mom and have fun with fashion. After the edit, Catherine sent us a few photos of her daughters looking fabulous in her old pieces, plus a couple of her own go-to looks post closet clean out. Check them out below and share your own Mother’s Day edit looks with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #VTmothersdayedit.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Daisy & Cami JacobsonDaisy (left) wears her mom’s Phillip Lim silk blouse and Nour Amour studded leather jacket. Cami wears her mom’s Balenciaga leather biker jacket and Zadig & Voltaire dress. Image captured by Lorrin Brubaker.

Cami JacobsonDaisy wears one of Catherine’s vintage linen caftans. Image captured by Lorrin Brubaker.

Cami JacobsonCami wears her mom’s Zadig & Voltaire dress. Image captured by Lorrin Brubaker.

Catherine DétravesCatherine sports one of her signature looks—a vibrant silk blouse, dark wash jeans, and a Gucci belt.