A Day of Shopping in LA with Visual Therapy

The Dries Van Noten Boutique in Los Angeles

The journey back to normalcy is ongoing, and we’re all excited to eventually get back to the way our lives were pre-covid (or as close to as possible!)

We might be bias, but we feel that the best way to stage your post-pandemic come back is to treat yourself to a few new outfits that make you feel confident and like the absolute best version of yourself.

On a recent shopping trip with a long time client of ours in Los Angeles, that is exactly what we did. We decided to stick to freestanding boutiques, and we were definitely not disappointed! The level of attention and thoughtful curation was eminent, and we were happy to send our client off with a handful of new and inspiring looks for life AC (After Covid.)

Keep scrolling for a few shots from our day and if you’re interested in a style relaunch of your own, there’s no better time than right now! Follow us on instagram @visualtherapyny for more ideas or drop us an email at Media@visual-therapy.com

VT Co-Founder Jesse Garza at The Row

The Dries Van Noten Boutique

A colorful rack of clothes at Dries Van Noten

The magical archive room at the Dries Van Noten Boutique

Rich, bright colors will be a go-to this summer. We’re all for happy dressing post-covid.

Dries Van Noten’s collections are always playful mix of artsy prints, vibrant colors, and edgy silhouettes.

Bottega Veneta is a forever favorite of ours. The “Cassette” bag comes in a rainbow of sophisticated colors.