7 Ways To Stay Fit During NYFW by Hannah Bronfman

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Hannah Bronfman Fashion Week is a marathon not a sprint and part of crossing the finishing line, like any marathon, requires prep, pacing and a few tricks of the trade. This isn’t my first Fashion Week and I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way. You know my number one priority is staying #HBFIT, no matter where, no matter when — here’s how I do it:

1. Swap Stilettos for Chic Sneaks: Thankfully, everyone from Chanel to Saint Laurent is making great sneakers, so fashion doesn’t necessarily have to be sacrificed for function.

Hannah Bronfman sneakers

2. Snack Smart: Skipping meals because of a busy schedule can lead to a bad mood or binge eating. I make sure to slip some high-protein snacks in my bag, like a Health Warrior Chia Bar or a bag of The Good Bean. Snack when you know you’re going to need an extra boost.

3. Walk it Out: Weather permitting, I’ll add a ten-minute cardio session into my day by walking from one show to the next. Even doing this once a day (especially post-lunch) burns extra calories, without burning through cab money.

4. No need for a Gym Bag: Due to the trend of athletic wear, one outfit can go from a presentation to pilates class. One of my signature looks these days are my cute marble leggings by Gap with an oversized sweater and fur jacket with chunky boots. To switch to my workout, I’ll ditch the sweater for a sports bra.

5. Sub Champagne with Seltzer: With parties non-stop, drinking every night is all too-easy. I avoid post-cocktail bloat by sticking to seltzer one night. With a drink in hand (even if non-alcoholic) no one will wonder why I’m not partaking. The best part? I wake up with a clear head and an even clearer complexion.

6. Ramp up the supplements: Since I usually sleep less this week, I make sure to take all my supplements! I never skip flax and fish oil and will add in a multi-vitamin into the mix for an immune boost!

7. Take a Second: During such a busy week, shows and parties often eat up all my free time. At least once a day, I make sure sneak in a quick meditation sesh or take some alone time for myself!

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