7 Grounding Practices for the Holidays

Sophie Jaffe the Philosophie

Guest post by Sophie Jaffe of thephilosophie.com

As we enter the whirlwind holiday season packed with parties, boxes of decor to set up, and gift shopping runs, it’s SO important to stay grounded and calm so that you can savor the beauty of the holidays, and celebrate what it’s really about—spending time with your tribe of family and friends.

To stay supported and connected to yourself and YOUR needs, practice these rituals throughout the season:

  1. Wake up with a Winter Smoothie

It can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits during the holidays, especially when you don’t have as much time to make wholesome, homemade meals and will be attending festive gatherings with dishes that might not be the most nutrient-dense. To make sure your body is receiving all of the nourishment it needs to keep you flu-free and GLOWING, make it a daily ritual to whip up an energizing smoothie with filled with fruits and veggies, Philosophie superfoods, and coconut water, nut mylks, or probiotic-packed kefirs.

Sophie Jaffe Grounding practices

  1. Harness the Power of Crystals

Beyond their beauty, crystals can heal and restore balance by drawing out any negative energy and tension from you or your environment. Place your crystals under the new moon light (November 11th and December 11th of this year) to help them reset and absorb good vibes and energy. Then release your intentions by holding your crystals during meditation and carrying them throughout your day. 

  1. Focus on Your B R E A T H

Breath is our life force, our energy, our way of being. And when we’re rushing around, we forgot about it completely. Whenever you feel out of touch with yourself and need to restore a sense of tranquility, practice this relaxing breath work: exhale out of your mouth, close your mouth, inhale through your nose and count to 4, hold your breath and count to 7, and then exhale through your mouth and count to 8. Repeat this breath cycle until you feel revitalized and calm.

  1.  Cultivate a Sacred Space at Home

Maintain a welcoming, soothing environment at home—contain all the gifts to a single corner or room in the house and ask your kiddies to be your little helpers in keeping the house tidy. Gather beautiful candles and items from the four elements of nature, like trust wood (earth), feathers (wind), palo santo (fire), and Chrysalis Water (water—mist this in the air to reset moods and energy in the room).

  1. M O V E + S W E A T

Release stress and re-energize by keeping active! Choose whatever sport or activity that you LOOK FORWARD to doing and then schedule it into your planner. And you don’t have to allocate an hour or two for each workout—keep it short and sweet if you like with 10 minutes yoga flows, a night walk around the block (perfect for scoping out all the pretty twinkly lights!), or at-home workouts!

  1. Transform Your Mood with Essential Oils

Essential oils are a POWERFUL way to instantly transform your mood + sense of being. Use juniper to instill peace, thyme and bergamot when you need to focus, cloves and jasmine for creativity (if you’re about to get crafty with the ribbons and wrapping paper), and lavender before drifting off to sleep.

  1. Fill Your Journal with Gratitude

Collect your thoughts, focusing on ones of gratitude, in a small journal for the next 2-3 months. Even though we may know we have a lot to be grateful for, it makes a world of a difference to carve out a sacred time to acknowledge and appreciate the treasures + love we have. Jot down the items, people in your life, and special experiences that you’re grateful for + find joy in knowing that you are blessed with abundance.

Sophie Jaffe is Raw Food Nutritionist and Raw Food Chef, yoga teacher, personal trainer, mother of two and founder of Philosophie Superfoods. 

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