5 Ways To Stay Healthy During Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend | Photo by Bruce Weber for Vogue

Memorial Day Weekend | Photo by Bruce Weber for Vogue

Is it possible to have fun while staying healthy during the Memorial Day weekend? We think so. Here are 5 ways to celebrate without compromising your health.

1.Mix up your mixed drink. Added sugars found in alcoholic drinks zap your body of energy, slow your metabolism, increase fat storage, and worsen your hangover. Eliminate the sugars and elevate your gut health by adding kombucha (comes in a variety of delicious flavors!) as a refreshing mixer to your alcohol.

2. Get moving. A little cardio goes a long way- rally your friends or family outside for a hike, yoga, or soccer.

3. Be selective. If you’re a meat eater, opt for chicken, turkey or fish over hotdog and burger. Instead of the mayo-laden meals (potato salad, pasta salad, cole slaw) fill up on fresh veggies, fruits, or side dishes with healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts, or seeds.

4. Get that H20. Between socializing, spending time in the sun, and being surrounded with food and alcohol, it’s very easy to dehydrate yourself. Make sure to have a glass of lemon water in your hand as often as possible throughout the weekend to curb cravings and stay hydrated.

lemon water

5. Dessert. Instead of the traditional dessert of cupcakes, pies or cakes, make a fruit bowl or fruit skewers.

Remember the key is moderation. If you focus your attention on connecting with friends, family and celebrating the holiday, you may surprise yourself with the healthy choices you make!

Based on article originally published on bostonbalans.com.