5 Key Ways to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

spring street style 2019

While few of us actually have the ability to purchase a brand new wardrobe every season, we all still want to look as good (and expensive!) as possible in our clothes. For those of us who can’t always pull the trigger on everything in our carts, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve that’ll make sure your older styles always look shiny and new.

Read on for 5 time tested ways to make your outfit look high end and luxe, even if (shhh!) it’s from a few seasons ago.

1. Invest in a Hand-Steamer

Forget your traditional iron and ironing board, a hand steamer is faster and way more efficient. Quickly steam out any wrinkles prior to getting dressed and you’ll look instantly more refined. Patricia Manfield

2. Make Friends With Your Cobbler

Take your worn shoes to the your local shoe repair to have them cleaned up and polished. In between cleanings, use a suede brush to keep your suede shoes and accessories looking new.

Collage Vintage Street StyleImage via Vogue

3. Always Add a Third Piece

Maybe it’s a colorful silk scarf, a beautiful leather belt, or our personal favorite—the perfect outerwear piece—a cropped leather jacket, a classic trench, or a tailored blazer. Adding that extra detail to a look not only makes your outfit look well-thought out and complete, it also adds a touch of luxe.

Lisa AikenImage via Marie Claire

4. Stick to a (Mostly) Neutral Color Palette

Here at Visual Therapy, we’re known for loving navy, black, and white. It’s not that we have anything against color, but it’s much more sophisticated to incorporate color in small doses—think a shoe or a bag in a pop of red. Keep your baseline neutral and save color for your accessories and your outfit will always look chic and expensive.

Neutral Look street styleImage via Who What Wear

5. Focus on Beauty

Follow the 4 rules above and always make sure your beauty look is polished and on point. That means freshly manicured nails, shiny hair, and simple, clean makeup. Spending that extra time on yourself before leaving the house will elevate your look and give you a boost a confidence.