3 Chic Outfit Ideas For Thanksgiving Day

Gilda Ambrosio Giorgia TordiniThis Thanksgiving in New York is going to be a chilly one, and with the crazy weather we’ve been experiencing this fall, it’s been tricky planning out looks in advance. How do you plan for a week that will be freezing cold one day and mild the next? The key is having the right outerwear options. If you’ll be traveling to a cold climate, make sure you pack a warm coat, and lots of layering options—cozy sweaters, a jacket, thermals, hats, and scarves. Still unsure about what you should wear this holiday?

The three chic (and cozy!) outfit ideas we rounded up below will give you some style inspiration for the long weekend ahead.

Leather Pants + Cozy Sweater

Eva ChenImage via Pop Sugar

Gilda AmbrosioImage via Pinterest

camo jacket street styleImage via Collage Vintage

Turtleneck + Jumpsuit

Diletta BonaiutiImage via Harper’s Bazaar

Yo Yo CaoImage via Collage Vintage

Pernille TeisbaekImage via Style Du Monde


Corduroy Pants + Chunky Sweater

Pink corduroys street styleImage via Pinterest

Turtleneck corduroys street styleImage via Pinterest

Corduroy loewe street styleImage via Collage Vintage