Work It: The Blue Trick

blue blazer street style

As we get into winter, our wardrobes tend to get super neutral. Blue trick to the rescue: shades of blue, from highly saturated cobalt and deep blue to almost shades of purple, will feel fresh and pop your look.  A 9-5 appropriate blue update to your wardrobe is a sleek blazer that will take your day from office to an evening out. Pro tip: midnight blue hues will win at job interviews!


As we wrote in our book Life in Color: The Visual Therapy Guide to the Perfect Palette–for Fashion, Beauty, and You!“, when we’re feeling tired, nervous, or just generally down-in-the-dumps, we go to the closet and put on something blue. We call this the “blue trick.” Blue reminds us of the sky and the ocean, two endless expanses of beauty. Plus, the color seems to cool any redness in our faces–whether from a night out or a day in the Sun–and enhances the whites of our eyes. Blue is consistently the number one selling color at American specialty stores, so the rest of the world must be on to our trick!

Consult your Colortype palette in “Life in Color to find the right blue for you.

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