What’s Your Worksonality?

In order to succeed in your career, you have to look the part. Finding the right look for your personal life is all about getting your outside to match your inside, and it’s the same for your career. This fun quiz from our book “Work It!” will help you tease out your work-wear ruts, fashion crutches, and your true Worksonality!

Pick the answers that best describe the person you want to be at work:

1. The feminist icon you admire the most is:

a)     Eleanor Roosevelt
b)    Hilary Clinton
c)     Susan B. Anthony
d)    Rosa Parks
e)     Gloria Steinem
f)     Jane Fonda

2. You’d like your coworkers to see you as:

a)     Caring and supportive.
b)    Smart and decisive.
c)     Motivating and a good listener.
d)    Someone to look up to, someone who’s been there.
e)     Someone who inspires creativity and helps others to see things in a new way.

3. You have a new assistant. Your first conversation together is about:

a)     How she’s feeling as she begins her new chapter of life.
b)    The way you would like your files organized.
c)     The best ways to work together.
d)    How you can help her achieve her goals.
e)     The amazing Indian place you can’t wait to take her to for lunch, the incredible view from the president’s office, the wonderful old guy in the mailroom she has to meet.
f)     That you’ve learned you need alone time in order to concentrate, and that this is nothing personal. You hope to help her develop the same autonomy.

4. You’ve just been put in charge of a group project. Before the first team meeting, you:

a)     Put out the cookies you’ve stayed up all night baking, and prepare to assign people to roles that reflect their strengths.
b)    Hand out calendars and timelines, and assign tasks and deadlines.
c)     Dust off that whiteboard, and prepare for a group brainstorm.
d)    Prepare to tell a story about the first team you were on and what you learned from the experience.
e)     Lay out piles of old magazines, scissors, and glue sticks – you’re going to make vision boards!
f)     Arrange a way for everyone to check in remotely, so they can work from home.

5. Your work environment is really important to you. You always like to have:

a)     A bowl of candy on your desk to entice and spoil visitors.
b)    Tokens of your accomplishments – certificates, diplomas, awards – to remind you of how far you’ve come.
c)     A comfortable, casual seating area for meetings.
d)    Pictures of women you admire, inspirational quotations.
e)     Photographs of trips you’ve taken, postcards of your favorite art, funny objects wish special significance to you.
f)     A clean space where you can focus without distraction.

6. You’re in charge of planning a retreat for your coworkers. Which of these plans appeals to you?

a)     A spa weekend with lots of communal bonding time.
b)    A fitness challenge that pushes everyone’s limits.
c)     A few days building a home for a family in need.
d)    A conference featuring successful women sharing their experiences.
e)     A cultural weekend exploring museums, architecture, and foreign films.
f)     An individual obstacle course with a celebratory dinner afterward, where the group will discuss personal journeys.


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