Wellness: Interview with Celebrity Yoga Teacher Danielle Cuccio

At Visual Therapy, we’re all about Mind, Body, and Soul. As we work with clients to line up their optimal wardrobes and help them to be the best version of themselves, we’re huge believers that it’s not the dress, but what’s in the dress that matters. And even though clothes can help you feel like a movie star, there’s something that needs to be taken care of first on a deeper level. Welcome to “Wellness Wednesdays”: our weekly feature to bring you tips for a healthy, whole and fulfilled life.
This week, we’re chatting with LA-based celebrity yoga teacher, aesthetician, Ayurveda practitioner, entrepreneur, founder of Cuccio Somatology, and pug mom (we’re obsessed pug Toby!) Danielle Cuccio. Danielle is on a mission to help her clients find physical, mental and spiritual alignment that leads to radiant health and happiness. 

Danielle Cuccio

How did you become such a passionate advocate for healthy lifestyle?

I danced my whole life so when I started teaching group YOGA BOOTY BALLET classes, I loved the feeling after working out.  I loved moving and eating well.  When I didn’t do those things, I felt like.. well, crap!   I became a Registered Yoga Teacher, started my Health Blog and I loved meeting new people who had the same interest!
Before I was a health blogger, CEO of my company and yoga instructor, I was in the beauty world.  I went to beauty school and worked as an Esthetician for 2 years. My clients who weren’t achieving the skin they wanted were usually not treating their bodies very well.  I knew that I might have been in the wrong field when they wanted quick fixes and didn’t want to hear my tips on what to eat or how to exercise!
Danielle Cuccio

What motivates you every day to wake up, be active and eat healthy?

Feeling good and maintaining my happiness is enough of a reason for me to continue exercising and eating healthy.  I love making other people feel the same!
Danielle Cuccio

There is no better feeling in the world about feeling confident and good in your own body.

Do you have non-negotiable daily routines?

Oh yes!  I WON’T start my day or eat a thing until I have had my shot of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR with my probiotic.  It sets up my digestive system for the day… and they say 70% of your immune system lives in your digestive system (Let’s just say I haven’t been sick in a long time!).  I also make sure to get in my fruits and vegetables, even if I’m having ice cream later for dessert. 🙂

You’re a fitness and yoga intructor and entprepreneur with a lot on your plate, how do you stay balanced (and not overwhelmed!)?

It’s tough!  Trust me, I have my days where I’m out of energy and totally overwhelmed!  BUT I make sure to take 1-2 days a week where I try to do nothing work related.  I put down the e-mails, the Instagram… It’s my time to just have nowhere to be.  I usually go take a yoga class (sounds ridiculous when I do yoga all week long with my clients) but it’s so important for me to get in my yoga time, re-connect and relax.  I love curling up on the couch on those days with a good album on re-play, light one of my favorite candles and a good book (not work-related!).  I find time to relax and without that, I wouldn’t ever be able to give so much to my clients and students.

Danielle CuccioReal beauty comes from within and comes from healthy choices we make on a day-to-day basis.

What has practicing and teaching yoga given you?

A connection to myself that I wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise.  I always learn something new every time I am on my mat.  If I’m dealing with anything that day, usually I walk away from my mat feeling a little lighter and clearer.  I love teaching because it connects my students to themselves and doing something healthy for their minds and bodies.  I know how amazing yoga is and I love gifting that to others.
What’s your food philosophy?
80/20: Stick to eating healthy 80% of the time… Cupcakes, Cookies & Ice Cream for the other 20% 😉  Treat yourself!
danielle cuccio green smoothie
Favorite song right now? 
Come Away With Me – Norah Jones.

#1 on your bucket list? 

Travel to Thailand.
Danielle Cuccio
What is your go-to everyday look?
I’m THAT girl in her Lululemons. Haha, no but since I am a yoga instructor, I wear A TON of athletic wear. I love wearing yoga clothes by Alo Yoga, Koral Activewear and Michi because it’s a tad more interesting (and a bit sexier!) than your average yoga apparel company. Makes my daily work outfits and going to work a little more fun and spunky!
What is your all-time favorite piece in your wardrobe?
My all time favorite piece in my wardrobe… My Free City Sweatshirt! When teaching or just hanging out at home, I’m usually in my FREE CITY sweater. It’s seriously the most comfortable thing in the world! Ugh, 100% comfy land.
What outfit makes you feel like the movie star version of yourself?
The outfit that makes me feel like the movie star version of myself… Definitely not yoga clothes! Haha, it sometimes feels weird to wear “normal clothes” since I’m in yoga clothes all week long. It comes to the weekend and I’d much rather be wearing my stretchy pants and sports bra; HOWEVER, I do love dressing up on weekends whenever I go out!
I would have to say that my Alaïa Heels that my Mom bought me a few years ago are my favorite dress up item. The heels are probably 5 inches tall and I can barely walk in them, but I LOVE them and they make me feel extra tall (I’m 5’2!!) and on top of the world. 🙂
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