VT Home: Life in Color – Sophisticated Color Combinations Part III

VT HomeDavid Collins Studio

As we continue to explore the most sophisticated color combinations today, we have examples using everything from chinoiserie panels, to art, and even nature. All too often, people choose the art for their home after they have chosen the color scheme for a room. Oftentimes at VT Home, we will use art the client already has in their collection to draw inspiration for the color palette of the room. Below are a few other sources to look to for inspiration:

1. Nature

Books on botany or even birds are excellent natural sources of color inspiration.

2. Paintings/Art

Leave it to the masters to choose a color palette and draw from their color combinations as you begin to create your own scheme.

3. Carpets

If you take the time to research carpets that you love from places such as The Rug Company, you will find that many of them have incredible color combinations within each rug that are foolproof.

Here are a few fabulous rooms to get you started.

VT Home

A warm grey blue wall color with natural wood and bold gold is a fresh and rich combination of color.

VT Home

This whimsical room is a perfect combination of bold coral with gold and chocolate.

VT Home

A bold pop of purple with the sofa is the perfect way to add color to the other side of this room considering the monumental painting.

VT Home

Sophisticated color combinations can also be expressed in a minimalist room such as this one in New York City’s West Village. The three shades of blue in the upholstered chairs and sofa across from the burnt orange lacquered bookcases work well together.

VT Home

Using vintage chinoiserie panels as a basis for your color palette is another trick to finding chic combinations.

VT Home

This rug by Paul Smith has a soft and sophisticated mix of colors with mint, cream, soft blue, and warm peach. The geometric shape and color combination allows the rug to be the statement in this spare bedroom/den.