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In 2015, VT is pleased to announce our entry into home. Our motto has always been image, identity, clarity, and defining your style type gives you a place to begin. Once you have reached that clarity, it is a natural evolution to translate that into your environment as an expression of your authentic self.
Designing your home based on your style type (or at least infusing the elements) allows you to create the perfect space that represents the best version of you. Join us each week as we share our point of view on the incredible world of interior design, applying our principles and philosophies to everything from art and architecture to current trends and designers.

The foundation of any home or room plays a very important role in creating an extraordinary outcome. When designing a home or a room, you must consider all of the elements that go into the plan, and floors are definitely the baseline. Before I decorate a room, I always like to be sure that I love the ‘bones’ of the room – this means with no furniture or decoration at all, what can I do to make the blank canvas as outstanding as possible?

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This design concept allows every other element of decoration to be, quite simply, the icing on the cake. You will notice my affinity for herringbone and chevron floors –this pattern creates the illusion of a larger room. Here are some of my favorite floors to inspire you!-Joe