VT Home: 3 Ways To Achieve Tasteful Maximalism


VT Home avocado wallpaper

This rich warm avocado green with warm wood, creamy accents, and gold tones make this room feel wonderfully layered without being cluttered or full.


After last week’s gift post featuring so many incredible objects for the home, we felt inclined to follow up with great examples of maximalism to give you an idea of how to create some ‘more is more’ in your home.

Maybe we are being a bit creative in our use of the word in this context, but it is described in Wikipedia—as it pertains to the arts—as a reaction against minimalism.

We must admit, sometimes more is more and a perfectly styled room with many layers including an abundance of interesting objects and works of art can be wildly romantic, not to mention both highbrow and homey.

To achieve the look of maximalism without feeling cluttered, stick to a few basic rules and get inspired by the images below.

1. Layers are key.

Maximalism is all about layers of décor: the rug, the upholstery, the accent pillows, a throw, curtains, wallpaper, or decorative paintings, and of course draperies.

2. Dark or contrasting colors.

A darker room can often feel more finished. Also, contrasting dark colors with something light or bold is very sophisticated.

3. The right accessories are crucial.

All too often people tend to overdo it with accessories, which can create a cluttered mess, or they omit accessories and the room never quite feels complete. The right accessories are an essential part of a maximalist room.