Transform Yourself Through Style: A Modern Makeover

Sara Hardy VT Makeover

As personal stylists, we’re often presented with the opportunity to make over an individual’s style and wardrobe, but rarely do we have the chance to document the process.

Makeovers are always very personal and private, so when we met Sara Hardy, a fun and outgoing woman interested in experiencing the Visual Therapy process AND photographing every step along the way, we jumped at the chance. It’s always a difficult decision to commit to a personal makeover, and not only was Sara ready, she was open and 100% willing to accept Visual Therapy’s advice and guidance.

Sara is like many busy working women, she’s interested in looking her best but lacks the time and patience for shopping, and has a hard time stepping out of her style comfort zone of simple a-line dresses, basics from J-Crew, and athleisure. She wanted to step up her look and become the best version of herself but she wasn’t sure where to begin, which is why she enlisted the help of VT Stylists Kellye and Gaby.

Kellye and Gaby walked Sara through VT’s 5 step process, documenting everything from the consultation to the optimal looks they styled for her. Read on for the story of Sara’s transformation and how with Visual Therapy’s guidance, she gained clarity in her wardrobe and confidence in her style.

Step 1: The Consultation

The team met with Sara to discuss her style goals and who her fashion icons were. A classic girl at heart, Sara mentioned Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Grace Kelly as women whose style she’d like to emulate. We created a mood board with her inspirations to kickstart the creative process.
VT ConsultationMoodboard Sara Hardy Make over

Step 2: The Edit

Sara's Visual Therapy Closet

The girls reviewed each and every item with Sara and decided which to keep, which to alter or dry clean, and which to donate. The second and arguably most important step of the closet edit consists of merchandising and organization. The girls arranged the clothing by color and type, making sure everything Sara owned was visible and neatly organized.

As VT Co-founder Jesse Garza says, “Your closet should feel like a zen space.”


Sara Hardy Closet EditSara’s closet prior to the edit.

Sara Hardy Before PhotoSara in one of her go-to weekend looks.


Closet after an edit

Closet after the Edit

Step 3: Shopping

Our job as stylists is to make shopping easy and enjoyable for our clients, which is why we go from store to store pre-pulling merchandise for them. The girls scoured all of their go-to stores—Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, and a number of boutiques to curate a rack of clothing and accessories for Sara to chose from. VT Stylist Gabriela Rocha

VT Stylist Gabriela Rocha considers a pair of sandals for Sara.

Sara Hardy Makeover

Sara tries on a VT approved look.

Step 4: Looks

This is where the real transformation took place. Kellye and Gaby styled a few optimal looks with Sara’s purchases, working in pieces from her existing wardrobe. Sara felt the experience was life changing, and raved about all of the compliments she was receiving from her new looks. We captured a few of her new VT approved outfits below.

Look 1: Casual Summer FridaysSara Hardy VT Makeover

Sara Hardy VT MakeoverA.L.C. White Printed Dress, Kenneth Cole Suede Sandals

Look 2: Step-Up Weekend

Sara Hardy VT MakeoverSara Hardy VT Makeover

Reiss Teal Suede Jacket, J. Crew White Top, J. Crew White Jeans, Cole Haan Nude Sandals

Look 3: Date Night

Sara Hardy VT MakeoverAlexander Wang Black Dress, Kenneth Cole Black Sandals

Step 5: Follow-Up

Kellye and Gaby took care of all the necessary alterations to Sara’s new clothing and delivered them to her home when they were complete. The girls also met with Sara to discuss additional fill-ins she needed, such as jeans and shoes, and to answer any style related questions she still had. Once fall rolls around there will be more shopping to do. It’s safe to say that after this transformation, Sara and the girls are about to embark on a long and fruitful fashion relationship.

Visual Therapy Makeover