The Fashion Math Equation

Put your money into clothes you are going to get a lot of wear from.

Price isn’t everything – and that goes for your wardrobe, too. When filling in gaps in your wardrobe, value shopping is essential – no matter what your financial situation. Wearability is more important than price. Here are some examples. Thirteen years ago I got an LV roller, it has taken me around the world and owes me nothing. Yes, it was insanely expensive, but I love it to this day.

Hermès Bombay Handbag: You may carry it for 10 years and give it to your daughter

A good rule of thumb is to consider the cost and number of wearings. For instance, if you buy a dress that’s $500 for an event where all your friends will see you and you’ll be photographed, maybe you will end up wearing it twice. This way, it ends up being $250 a wearing. But if you find an incredible $500 jacket that you think you will wear all the time for a couple of years, then it’s worth it ($500/200 wearings=$2.50 per wearing).  This is how we look at value dressing. – Joe

Tell us about the the longest lasting items from your wardrobe that were well worth the price!