TGIF! Dressing Beyond the Office on Huff/Post 50

This is an excerpt from Joe Lupo’s blog post “TGIF! Dressing Beyond the Office” on The Huffington Post. To view full post, go to Huff/Post50.

The first thing we all think about on Friday is getting comfortable and unfortunately, that doesn’t always translate to looking great. Working with men for the past two decades, I have found that most men focus their energy on what to wear to work Monday through Friday, and if there is a business dinner, they go straight from work, with no thought, no transition and no problem. But when it comes to weekend, or ‘date night’ dressing, it can be a bit of a mystery!

The Solution: Casual Foundation

The casual category is all too often the forgotten or neglected area of a man’s closet unless he is going casual to work. The way to solve the problem is to build a solid foundation, the essentials or a ‘casual capsule’ as we would call it at Visual Therapy. Taking it from the from the top and working my way down, I will review a formula for you – focusing on spring/summer for now since that’s what’s in the stores.

Joe Lupo's Casual Picks

1. Begin with a great jacket
Depending on your personal style and shape there are several options, such as unstructured jacket or navy blazer. The beauty of a jacket is that in many cases you can get away with jeans and a jacket and still feel dressed and appropriate. Or, you will be ahead of the game if where you are going is casual. In case you want to add a little something to change up the look of your jacket, consider a pocket square to compliment your shirt.
2. Find optimal shirts or knits
Shirting is key when building a casual wardrobe and is your chance to express your individual style. In the spring and summer, I like checks, gingham and bold colors. If you are not sure which colors are best for you, here are a few tips that can help.
When in doubt, the blue trick always works. Most shades of blue look good on everybody. If you have a little tan, bright whites or pastels are good and if you have colored eyes, blues and greens are your friend. If you are olive with dark eyes, you can do more pastels and even orange or minty green. If you are fair, stay away from khaki, yellow or off-white.
There are also a lot of cotton knit options for summer in great colors and some patterns – try one in navy or gray or a pop color.
3. Wearing ‘the pants’
I always say that the right pair of jeans is key and that you must update them regularly. There are some great cotton twill or chino fabric five-pocket pants in neutrals that are a step-up from denim blue jeans. A khaki or a stone pair can take you through summer. If you just wear chinos, be sure that they are fitted and in great condition — shades of gray or navy blue feel more current.
4. Shoes
A great pair of loafers in the summer is always a winner; I prefer dark brown or dark gray over black. Black can begin to feel heavy in the heat of the season. I also like a sand or stone-colored suede wingtip or ‘buck’ style shoes. Sandals work well with shorts or cotton pants and more than ever there are some very masculine and chic choices.
5. Add accessories
Don’t forget your accessories! You can’t wear your black belt from work with jeans or chinos. Look for a more casual belt to wear with loafers or sneakers in a great neutral color. A braided leather or fabric belt in navy, or light brown can go with jeans and khaki colored pants or shorts. Light-colored suede belts are also chic, even in the summertime. You can match your belt to the same shade as your pants and it will disappear, allowing you to wear a choice of shoe colors. Don’t forget to update your shades or just go with a classic aviator. Joe