Style Tip: Transform Your Style (Without Changing Your Whole Wardrobe)

Jesse Garza

In order to feel new, you have to always stay inspired so that your style will continue to evolve. Otherwise, you might feel like you’re stuck in the same old rut. You’re different than you were 10 years ago, so why would your wardrobe remain the same? Knowing how to move from one style type to another (or blend them) is a way to gain a fresh perspective on your image.

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If you’ve been reading the blog, you have probably already noticed my personal transition from classic/chic into chic/avant-garde. I’ve been feeling more fearless, empowered and authentic than ever, and my fashion choices are the direct reflection of that.

Even though I do recommend that you get rid of/demote/donate items that don’t fit the vision of your newly defined style, there are always pieces that can be updated. For example, I just found this Valentino wool blazer in my archives. From first glance, it’s the epitome of my old classic/chic style type, but paired with a more avant-garde baseline of a Rick Owens sweater and Valentino boots, it’s elevated into the chic/avant-garde category. Mentally (or physically) scan through your closet and think, do you have pieces you haven’t worn forever? Is it time to let go? Or can they be updated with statement or baseline pieces that represent the updated version of YOU?

Here are some of our favorite celebrity style transformations to get you inspired!

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