Style Tip: Mastering Equestrian Chic

Although I’m reaching this new “I’m 50 and fearless” stage of my life and transitioning from my classic/chic style type into chic/avant-garde, it doesn’t mean that I have to toss my whole classic/chic wardrobe. One thing remains: the equestrian-inspired elements.

I’ve always been obsessed with the equestrian style – even more so this season, being inspired by our stylist Anouk Colantoni launching an uber chic magazine, The Polo Project. Equestrian style should never be taken too literally, looking as if you’re about to mount a horse. Instead, filter in the elements to create more of an urban street style look.

The modernist elements – the short haircut, pairing black with navy and the cut of the shirt, bring a fresh edge to my otherwise classic/chic look. What I love about equestrian clothes is that they are made to fit close to the body to allow freedom of movement, yet aren’t too tight.

At VT, we’re all about functional luxury, and this power business look is just that: a stretchy and incredibly comfortable Hermès jacket from the equestrian capsule, a custom Nauman Piyarji shirt that allows me to move freely without being too tight (tailoring is key!), and Levi’s commuter jeans (designed for cyclists). As a stylist, I live a very active lifestyle – on and off planes, hitting the boutiques, running from one place to another, and I’m all about wearing clothes that represent my image and look professional without constricting me.

Defining your style and paying attention to details such as tailoring, allows you to move freely through the world, focusing on your gifts and stepping into your most powerful self.

Are you inspired by equestrian style? If so, what elements are you adding to your wardrobe?

Jesse Garza Equestrian Style

Jesse Garza Equestrian Style

Jesse Garza Equestrian Style

Jesse Garza Equestrian Style

Jesse Garza Equestrian Style

Jesse Garza Equestrian StyleHermès Equestrian Blazer

Nauman Piyarji Custom Shirt

Levi’s Commuter Jeans

Tom Ford Boots

Hermès Leather Belt