Style Tip: Fur Accessories To Incorporate Now



If wearing a long faux fur coat isn’t quite your cup of tea, but you’d like to mix in some texture, don’t worry, there’s a solution. Since Fendi came out with the fur monster keychain in 2014, pelted accessories have been a hot commodity. From hats to stoles, look no further than these fashion week street style photos for inspiration on how to incorporate the warm accessories into your outfit.

The Stole


Fashion’s It-Girls like Rumi Neely are reinventing the way to style the stole–instead of wrapping it around the shoulders like the glamorous ladies of the past, they drape it nonchalantly over one shoulder. Bonus tip: if you have a longer stole, tuck the ends under a belt to keep it secure.

The Muff


We love how Vanessa Hong used a black muff rather than a bold color because it adds an interesting texture without distracting from the rest of the outfit. Like her, wear sneakers or slip ons to dress down the look or else heels will make the look more evening appropriate.

The Hat

Style Tip: Fur Accessories To Incorporate Now

As exemplified by this model, a fur hat immediately elevates a look and makes it more luxurious. Just make sure you find a size and style that frames your face well. For example, if you have a small face, try not to wear a wide hat that might overwhelm your features.

The Keychain


If fur gloves are a little too unconventional for you, hook a furry key chain on any of your favorite purses to transform it into a whole other statement piece. Like Chiara, find a keychain in a contrasting color to your bag to make it pop!

The Bag


This is probably one of the easier accessories to incorporate because you can style it the way you’d style any statement purse. However, fur is a very attention-grabbing material in itself so maybe opt for one in a solid color to tone it down like Candela Novembre.

The Scarf


Unlike the stole, a fur scarf is often longer and thinner, but it’s still thicker than a cashmere or cotton one. Make sure to style it over a more tailored coat like Aimee Song to prevent from looking too bulky!

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