Style Tip: Find Your Key Fall Piece, The Cashmere Coat


Edit and Elle Cashmere Coats

In the past weeks we’ve talked about transitional weather and being proactive with your wardrobe every season, but now that the winter chills are officially approaching, it’s time to think coats.

A functional cashmere coat is the key piece in any wardrobe; a must-have that will elevate your style to the next level. The three essential lengths when it comes to cashmere coats are a peacoat, a knee length (what I call “car coat”, for getting in and out of cabs in the city), and a longer, mid-calf coat. In terms of colors, you can never go wrong with neutrals.

Lisa Marie McComb in YSL Cashmere Coat

Lisa Marie McComb in YSL Cashmere Coat

Here is the lineup of all our favorite coats this season. Find yours! -Jesse

p.s. on a separate note, how incredible does Tina Fey look on the cover of Elle, showing off her tastefully sexy and very chic side? A quirky and brilliant comedian, she’s walking proof that we all have a glamorous side to us. Sometimes, all it takes to unveil it, is one piece that makes you feel like the movie star version of yourself. 


Celine Spring 2015

Celine Spring 2015 cape coats (fainting!)