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Nino Eliava

Nino Eliava

Blogger, photographer, it-girl and founder/creative director of More Is Love, an online store that features fashion finds from well-known collections as well as up and coming designers, Nino Eliava is known for her eclectic, Chic Whimsical Style. Her outfits have been captured by the lenses of some of the most well-known street style photographers at fashion week, and she continues to inspire through her personal blog, Trivial Insanity. We caught up with Nino, a London College of Fashion alumni who is currently based in Tbilisi, to chat about style, must-have accessories for 2014, and her big plans for 2014.

How would you describe your style? I’d say my style is quite a mix of numerous details, I wouldn’t frame it in one word.

What’s your go-to look? I wear sandals with socks, a classy skirt, and a cropped top with some statement necklace.

What’s your must-have for Spring 2014?¬†Tonya Hawkes bag. A definite must-have!

Tonya Hawkes White Indochine Bag

Tonya Hawkes White Indochine Bag

Tell us about MORE is LOVE and how it grew from a destination for jewelry lovers to clothing, accessories, and so much more. I didn’t even notice how fast we grew to a cool destination for all girls. It’s definitely an online store to watch. We have plenty of new collaborations and exclusive offers coming. Let me reveal some secrets. Vika Gazinskaya exclusive necklaces are on the way, David Koma, AWAKE, TATA NAKA collaborations will be available in March. I think that’s enough to keep you interested.

Do you have a fashion icon? It’s definitely Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn, Nino's fashion icon

Audrey Hepburn, Nino’s fashion icon

What inspires you creatively? I think that almost everything and anything can inspire me, but nothing inspires me more than traveling.

What is your life motto, or words to live by? One should always try to look at life with humor, otherwise it’s too complicated.

If you weren’t a fashion blogger and business woman, what would you be? Apart from this, I also consult young designers and help them with PR. It’s difficult to imagine my life without work, I’d¬†probably be a journalist or a designer.

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