Style Feature: Enfant Street Style Blog (And Kids’ Style Types)


If you’re reading this, we bet you’ve already taken our style type quiz and have a general idea about our style type philosophy. Fun fact: kids’ style is usually an exaggerated version of adults’ style types, and these little ones make the most fun subject for a style type study.

When we came across photographer Gina Kim’s blog “Enfant Street Style”, it was love at first sight. Kim travels from New York City to Paris, London and Milan to capture kids street style trends.

So here they are, all five style types–classic, chic, whimsical, bohemian and avant-garde, as demonstrated by young fearless fashionistas.


If you’re classic, you like simple, clean, and traditional pieces. You opt for a timeless and often tailored look because the silhouette and colors rarely change. Think Chanel suit, navy blazer and of course, a string of pearls.


Chic style is defined by a powerful look and sharp lines that seem to come together in an effortless way. An off-white coat, a blush structured blouse and a chic scarf are all part of your arsenal of go-to looks.


Whimsical style is playful and appears to be “thrown together” but is actually a thoughtful combination of colors and patterns. If you’re whimsical, you’re usually young at heart and have a lot of fun with putting together looks.  You feel comfortable in bright colors and statement accessories, and don’t mind combining a printed dress with sneakers.


Bohemian style is relaxed, lived-in, or funky, and incorporates offbeat accessories and usually lots of denim and suede. It’s a related look with an emphasis on natural fabrics and earth tones. This style evolved from the hippie look of the 1960s and the early 1970s. Think feathers and ethereal hats for girls, and artistic details in boys’ looks.


Avant-garde is an ultramodern style that uses fashion as an extension of your creativity. It often seeks to make a dramatic statement. Typically, the foundation for this wardrobe is black. You probably have a pair of great moto boots, a futuristic sneaker, and a go-to black leather jacket.